I've been mad about photography since I was 14 years old. 
It's been an abiding interest that's taken me from yearbook photographer to high school exhibitions, basement darkrooms, photo co-ops, college and post-college shows, newspaper and magazine work and then teaching photography at a university level in Israel and New York. 

But at some point it all slowed down. My darkroom equipment sat idly in my basement while my amazing family and life grew along with photos of kids and vacations. When digital arrived it threw me off at first both in terms of understanding the tools and trying to come to terms with new ways to create and display the kind of images I grew up making.

Oddly enough what changed things for me, and helped me recommit was Instagram. Instagram taught me that the democratization of images was something worth celebrating. That almost anyone could take a "great" photo and that this was fine.
Understanding this helped me realize that I could be less precious about what I was doing. I didn't need to make find that great image, just get back to being mad about the things I've always loved about photography.  

The images in the site are set up in galleries that cover areas of interest, patterns, trips and events. I try to keep them small and continuously updated with whatever is getting me most interested at the time. It's always in beta.

Road to Jerusalem - 1982