Customers Want to Create With Brands. We Can Help. / by Dan Weingrod

Forrester recently released a study with some intriguing implications for growing engagement with consumers. According to the study, fully 61% of US online adults are open to co-creation with a large range of industries. Co-creation you ask, what’s that about? It’s about giving consumers the opportunity to engage with brands to create or improve products that are meaningful to them. It’s also about creating the environments for that to happen.

It’s also about crowdsourcing, a word that has been making its way around the marketing communications world over the past year or two with increasing volume. Crowdsourcing is about products like Wikipedia, My Starbucks Idea or Dell’s Idea storm. These and other examples are ways that products and brands are reaching out to consumers and giving them a stake in building or creating new product opportunities. The payoff from a marketing standpoint can be enormous. By creating crowdsourced co-creation platforms companies, especially with Social Media components, companies can build evangelism, grow buzz and gain insight about their consumers in an active and transparent platform.

The study does mention that among the factors that drive co-creation are time and incentives. These factors demonstrate that perhaps the most critical element in building co-creation opportunities is the design of an easy-to-engage and rewarding environment that spurs the co-creation germ within consumers. With our audience already armed with the tools and the desire to partner with our clients all we need to do is create the opportunity to help them and the platform with which we can reap the benefits.