Editing a Month / by Dan Weingrod


Why do want to be an editor of the 3six5? Honestly, the first reason is to get an opportunity to post in 2011. I’ve been in love with this project ever since I came upon it. There were so many days when I felt I “had” a 3six5, but it was someone else’s day. But the second, equally important reason, has to do with who I am and how I work. I enjoy getting involved in things that are bigger than myself, working across teams and seeing large projects come to fruition. Like cooking a dinner for a big group of friends, there’s more satisfaction in seeing the whole come together than the one part you have contributed.

I’ve been posting to and maintaining my agency’s blog as well as a personal posterous for nearly a year. Equally relevant has been my organization of the Connecticut Social Media Breakfast. Seeing the need locally and viewing similar examples around the country I suggested the concept, found smart people to support me, arranged a location at a local university and put together the panel. We held our first, highly successful breakfast in October. Our December breakfast is selling out rapidly and we have five more on the books.

On twitter I’ve tried, with moderate success, to broaden what feels like a marketing echo chamber with tweets and links to topics such as economics, health care and social science. It seems like creative folk shrink from these subjects because they seem overly complex or too “serious”.  I think it’s essential, when things are changing so quickly, for us to be aware of thinking that might come from areas that are the opposite of our expertise. Besides, we’re much smarter than we give ourselves credit for. It would be a treat to try and bring some perspectives for the other side of our brains to the 3six5 in 2011.

My desired months, in order of preference, are March, April and February (which looks like it’s already taken)