Am I Getting Too Old for the "News"? / by Dan Weingrod

Image: PiggBox

Talking to a younger colleague at work the other day who mentioned that he was using Flipboard for news. It made me think: "How come I'm not doing that"?  and then, "Maybe I'm too old"?

The reason I found myself on the "old" train is that I simply love "newspapers", in whatever format I get them in. I grew up reading the news on paper and still get that warm Sunday morning newsreading feeling even when reading electronic editions. And I am still, somehow,  mildly astounded that I can get the New York Times wherever I am, whenever I want, updated and free. (tho' not for long).

So while I get a lot of my business and social news from Twitter, when it comes to "hard news" I tend to default to the "paper". I suppose that its about habit, comfort and nostalgia. 

But is nostalgia a use case?