Brains / by Dan Weingrod

Very interesting Connecticut Forum last night about the Brain. Two scientists: Steven Pinker and Paul Bloom along with Temple Grandin, who kind of defies category. Lots of interesting things to think about:

  • Your brain and your mind are really the same and you should try to think of them that way
  • Why do I never remember Gwyeth Paltrow's name? (I just had to ask my wife the name of the actress married to the Coldplay guy).
    The reason we forget names or words so easily is less because of age or fatigue and more because of the "interference" of too many similar things clogging up the brainwaves and storage spaces. I have to think less about movie stars, or blondes.
  • Liberal and Conservative brains are different. It has to do with the tolerance for disgust. Guess which one gets disgusted more easily?
  • the techniques in this article about about improving memory really work