Egypt Twitter Influence Mapped / by Dan Weingrod

Here's a lovely and fascinating map of Twitter influence during the  Egypt revolution. Blue dots represent tweets in English, red dots tweets in Arabic. Size of dot equals size of influence. 

Wael Ghonim, one of the more influential figures in the revolution, is one of the largest, dark blue dots on the lower left.

One thing that this proves, or at least opens to further discussion, is that in the future much of the revolution will still be broadcast in English. This was a point of contention around the "failed" Iranian Green revolution brought up by Malcolm Gladwell and Evgeny Morozov. For my part the reasons why there were and will remain so many tweets in English is: 1)  It's the language of the young, educated tech-elites and 2) It reflects a desire to tell the story to the outside world.

This wonderful dataviz comes from: Kovas Boguta. You can also get a higher rez version here.