Does Quora Have a Sense of Humor? / by Dan Weingrod


Last week we were searching around for a table in the back of the Ginger Man in Austin when we spied two available tables. Unfortunately they both were very clearly reserved for Quora at 5:00 PM.

As the time went by no-one showed up at the tables and while we were already seated others were not.

So, wondering if the tables could be made available, and after at least one pint, I decided to ask Quora why no-one had arrived at Quora's reserved tables 45 minutes after the reservation time.I figured that I'd at least get an equally cheeky answer back, but instead I got routed into the limbo of rhetorical question status by at least two members of the Quora question police.

Now I've asked and followed some serious questions on Quora, but I also follow this one about grilled cheese, and believe me there's plenty of cheek to go with the cheese on that thread.

I get the idea that Quora is trying to police itself from trolls and spam, but they really could lighten up and have some fun every now and then.