Listening to Chris Messina / by Dan Weingrod

I covered my Awesome and Meh-some of SXSW in a longer post here, but had to just mention the very last session I visited. At the last minute I made the switch from Robert Brunner's "Designing Ideas, Not Objects", (which I heard later was pretty awesome), to the "Creating a Social Hackathon" panel. 

Why? Because I really hadn't hit any non-profit panels yet and I hadn't had my dose of Chris Messina. I first heard him presenting solo last year and it was the first time that any speaker at SXSW had really challenged me with thinking and ideas. He's got a great way of framing out concepts and ideas into aphorisms like this one:

"An API is a pretext for a conversation"

that'll make you sit and think during the plane ride home.

The panel was also great, although it felt like some Tuesday wear and tear had set in for both them and the audience. 

More importantly, the Hackathon for DonorsChoose and the e-book that came out of it, the subject of the panel, are well worth reading about. 

You can get the ebook here.