Suze Rotolo / by Dan Weingrod

I heard on the radio earlier today that Suze Rotolo had died.

Of course the first thing I thought about was the photo on the album cover of "Freewheeling Bob Dylan". Everyone from the generation that knew album covers has a few that became icons for them. This was one for me.

I wasn't their age. I must have been 10 or 11 when I first saw this picture, but even at that age it promised something different and exciting. A different world away from the suburbs, full of new things like music, art and even girls. It was also the freshness and casual warmth of the image that made me feel that these two were so plainly connected and that maybe one day it could happen to me.

In the obituary I read Rotolo's husband mildly bemoaned the fact that people only saw her as the girl on the Dylan cover. I'd seen her interviewed on one of the Dylan documentaries and just by listening to her I knew that she was more than that. But I didn't need even that, because I already knew it from this picture.