What Salesforce Knows and What It Signals / by Dan Weingrod

Salesforce.com's purchase of Radian6 should be a very clear signal that the concept of the Social Enterprise is here to stay. What I mean by the social enterprise, and I'm sure that there are many definitions, is the kind of enterprise that recognizes that social media is now or will shortly become an integral part of doing business. It also means that the business of social media will become everyone's business.

What Salesforce has done in a very short period of time is move from integrating all aspects of the sales process, to re-defining service and CRM and then finally, and most importantly in this case, revamping the communication backbone of the enterprise with the introduction of its twitter-like tool Chatter.

So once you have a tool like Chatter in place and you can look at the data, usage and opportunity the idea of integrating external social media almost becomes a no-brainer. he brainer part of this deal is the fact that Salesforce has vast amounts of data from customer usage and is likely to understand how to take this new acquision and go from a tool that put everyone in sales to a tool that put everyone in service and finally a tool that puts everyone into social.