31 days of 3six5 / by Dan Weingrod


Something was missing this morning. I got up, made coffee, checked email and realized I didn't have to send an email out to let someone know that their day and mine were intersecting.

I just completed my stint as March editor of the 3six5, the long running, crowdsourced, daily Posterous blog now in its second year. I volunteered for the editor role last year when the call went out and when choosing the month I decided to try for something sooner rather than later. I got March, which may have not been my first choice, and definitely became scary when I realized I'd be editing while I was at SXSW.

It turned out that March was even more tumultuous than I had thought it would be. There was turmoil at work, changes at home, heading to the Austin Convention Center promptly at 6 pm to make sure I had a good wifi connection and other sundry issues of life and connections.

Yet oddly enough, or maybe not so oddly, the 3six5 ended up being the rock that helped anchor me throughout the month. I loved the extra routine that it brought to my day, the sense of responsibility and belonging to something bigger than myself for a while. Even more I loved the utter surprise and serendipity of the daily connections I helped make into people's worlds. (And I especially loved it when those people were in Europe because they got their posts to me EARLY).

The authors were great, gracious and generous in their praise for my role. Which surprised me, because from my point of view they were the ones doing all the hard work. (The hardest thing was actually getting used to quickly typing the number 3, the word six and the number 5, try it if you don't believe me).

I enjoyed the surprise of suddenly jumping from authors in Kuala Lumpur and Australia to authors in Kansas and Minneapolis. Most of all, I enjoyed the writing. Often full of passion and spirit, it especially moved me when authors took the time to define unique small moments of their day that ended up enriching my own.