There Must Be Better Ways to Spend $900M / by Dan Weingrod

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Download Squad and Mashable report that Google has bid $900 to purchase approximately 6,000 patents held by Nortel, the bankrupt Canadian Telco. The reason? Not because its a bargain basement intellectual property purchase, or an opportunity to snag some diamonds in the rough.

Nope, it turns out that its all about protecting themselves from patent trolls. By purchasing these patents that likely relate to networking and phone technology Google, a relatively young company without many patents in its closet, is preemptively protecting itself from shysters who make a living suing companies for patent infringement. Usually these suits are without merit or based on very general patents, but they can potentially tie a company up in court for years at a high cost.

So Download Squad calls this "a very sensible move". While its not like Google is doing any evil it is truly a sad world when an amount of money, that could do so much good is put to such a useless cause. 

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