Mobile Maps + NFC = / by Dan Weingrod

Yesterday at TechCrunch Disrupt Marissa Meyer mentioned that Google Maps for mobile has now gone over 200 million installs and that mobile constitutes a whopping 40% of all Maps usage.

And if this wasn't enough mobile Maps will surpass the desktop version by June, 20% of searches on Google overall are local and on Mobile those searches are up to 40%. Phewww.

Not that this is very surprising. The use case for maps has always been primarily mobile, (I mean really, where did you use paper maps more often at home or in the car?). So it's almost a question of "what took you so long?", and the answer of course is Smartphone adoption.

But Google is planning a little announcement today about NFC, and you've got to imagine that the combination of having the largest presence in mobile mapping, combined with that other use case for mobile: "Where can I buy a Pizza near here?", is likely going to lead to an irresistable combination. 

Will it be maps combined with little NFC symbols? Will it be Google Checkout overlays? Who knows, what is becoming clear is that the disruption around mobile payments that began last year with Square is rapidly picking up pace.