Meta Watching? / by Dan Weingrod

We've all been hearing about the potential for wearable displays and even connected clothing for quite a while now. An interesting step in this direction is the MetaWatch, essentially a bluetooth connected watch that serves as a connected notification platform that lives on your wrist. It's a project supported by watchmaker Fossil and the idea seems to be to use the small and familiar footprint of the wristwatch to act as a traffic cop/router for all of your various information sources. There's a great summary of the MetaWatch and its potential here at GigaOm.

I'm not 100% sure that this isn't just a way station on the path to more useful or better designed wearable data and communication sources. On the other hand I am the proud owner of a LunaTik and get tons of compliments and delightful reactions from total strangers. So maybe Fossil is on to something about how the wristwatch has the potential to evolve as jewelery and data platform.

I also love that they've kept the analog watch look. Something about that makes total sense.