The Trough of WinTel / by Dan Weingrod

I always look forward to seeing Mary Meeker's latest Internet Trends reports. This latest one feels more of an update and much of the core information continues the track of earlier presentations. But for some reason this slide really jumped out at me.

Maybe its just the idea of seeing Commodore, Amiga and TRS-80 in a Mary Meeker deck that gave me pangs of nostalgia. Or maybe its the surprising perspective of seeing how deeply the trough of WinTel pressed down for so long on the digital world. Imagine if the chart values had been flipped, would I have perceived it differently? The rise and fall of WinTel instead of the pressure of a single system's domination being relieved by the sudden rise of Apple and Android?

What's interesting to consider is what will come over the next few years on the right hand side of this half-pipe. Will it look as fragmented as the left hand side? In her closing slide Meeker says that:

This cycle of tech disruption is materially faster & broader than prior cycles...

If that's the case, the troughs will be shallower, but I'm not sure my nostalgia will be deeper.