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Design Sprints

Design Sprints are a proven methodology combining Design Thinking, Agile and Lean Startup techniques to help teams rapidly define and deliver actionable, customer-focused results. Design sprints leverage the knowledge of diverse cross-functional teams to surface new insights through a series of collaborative exercises and activities. The key goal of design sprints is to accelerate learning by rapidly discovering building, iterating, presenting and testing with customers.


The outcome of a design sprint is a user ready “prototype” that can be validated with customers for immediate feedback and learning. In my own experience prototypes can include a wide range of deliverables from a mobile app mockup to a customer ready sell sheet. For our purposes the prototype could include a pitch deck or prototype Web site.

Digital Strategy Consulting

Organizations are seeking  ways to take advantage of the rapid digital change occurring in today's business environment. Digital strategy consulting focuses on a holistic approach that blends product, service and marketing strategies together to build a new vision and roadmap for future growth. This approach helps companies learn how to plan for the future while building towards it using short-term iterative steps. Using tools such as design sprints, customer research, personas and Jobs to Be Done framework our digital consulting also supports the growth of an company culture of learning where teams support growth through testing, learning and iteration.

Experience Design

Experience design services help you and your team build specific, customer focused experiences that span the digital and physical plane. We help to plan, create and develop digital experiences that support your brand values and deliver measurable results.



Dan Weingrod - Principal
Based in Connecticut, Dan brings over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, marketing technology, user experience, digital innovation planning and digital business model planning and development. Dan has run Web departments for top agencies and has consulted on social media and digital marketing with a wide range of organizations. Dan works with organizations to help them uncover opportunities for new digital products, services and experiences through workshops and organizational development that infuse Design Thinking, Lean and Agile processes in a relevant and actionable way.


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